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     While Good News no longer offers direct services in Clinical Christian Mental Health Counseling, our Counseling Division continues to provide resources and educational services about Professional Counseling based on over 22 years of extensive experience at Good News as a direct provider of comprehensive clinical counseling services. If you are unsure as to whether or not you may need counseling, please scroll down to read "INDICATIONS COUNSELING MAY BE NEEDED". If you are already searching for a counselor in your area who is a Christian, please go to the bottom of this page to read "RESOURCES FOR LOCATING PROFESSIONAL CHRISTIAN COUNSELORS". If you are wondering how to choose the right counselor please read the following article on:


      Please remember that if you are seeking counseling, you should feel free to ask professional questions about any counselor or agency you are considering  and to inquire about the full nature of all professional services provided before you make a choice of a mental health provider. In order to insure that you are able to obtain the highest quality of counseling possible when you are seeking mental health services, we encourage you to obtain clinical counseling, if needed, from a Christian Mental Health Professional or Christian Counseling Agency that offers the following specific services:

bulletWritten Clinical Assessments and Comprehensive Evaluations; a complete 5 axial Clinical Mental Health Diagnosis based on a current version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual; a comprehensive and current Treatment Plan based on a current diagnosis; and testing when needed with a State Licensed or Certified Mental Health Professional. Your chosen counselor should be able and  prepared to share and discuss assessment and test results with you if you wish. Do not hesitate to ask questions in these areas. You should be familiar with your written Treatment Plan prepared by your counselor and in agreement with the procedures and goals listed therein.
bulletFind a provider with access to Complete Clinical and Professional Counseling Services: Individual, Family, Marital, Child, Adolescent, Adult, and Group Counseling. Access to medical consultation should be available to you and your counselor when needed.

Christian Counseling should provide a  noticeable difference from secular counseling and manifest Biblically Centered Principles of Compassion, Concern, and Love With Respect for the Total Person and Sensitivity to the Spiritual, Emotional, Intellectual, and Physical Dimensions of the Whole Person. Respect should always be shown for your unique denominational beliefs.  Your counselor should not try to impose their own specific denominational or political beliefs on anyone seeking professional counseling. If prayer is important to you, check to see if your counselor is comfortable praying with you if you desire this to be a part of your counseling experience.


Seek Professional Counselors with Continuing Earned membership in Professional Counseling Associations and some dual training in theological areas who have Masters or Doctoral level degrees and are in accountable consulting relationships with their professional  peers. If your counselor is not state licensed or nationally certified in an area of professional Mental Health work, they should be making progress towards this requirement and be under weekly supervision from a State licensed mental health professional who is qualified to supervise. Do not hesitate to ask specific questions of any counselor you are considering seeing in all these areas. Professional credentials and qualifications are a matter of public record and should be fully disclosed to you.

bulletStrategies to make counseling affordable are important. It is helpful to find an agency or counselor who provides mental health services while offering Subsidized Sliding Scale Fees Based on Individual Need and Income. Your privacy and confidentiality are far better protected if you do not use insurance to pay your counseling expenses. Insurance companies will frequently not cover the expenses for numerous mental health diagnoses. Co-payments for mental health care can be expensive and the number of sessions allowed can be very limited.  If you plan on using insurance, CHECK with your insurance company to see exactly what your coverage is and whether or not they will pay for the services of the counselor you are considering and the condition you have been diagnosed with. (For instance, most insurance will not cover marital counseling.)  Make sure that your counselor or agency provides Insurance statements, if desired, to you or your Insurance Company upon request.
bulletYour counselor or agency should manifest an awareness that All People at some time in their life may need Counseling when experiencing: Depression, Grief, Unhappiness, Marital Adjustment or Difficulty, Family Problems, Stress, Transition, Change, etc.
bulletYour Counselor should be currently State Licensed or Nationally Certified (or under weekly supervision from someone who is) depending on State requirements. They also need to be qualified by training and experience to treat your particular area of need or concern.  Counselors need to be in accountable professional relationships and have manifested effective counseling  work while utilizing Holistic approaches to healing. They should be comfortable working co-operatively with  your medical doctor, if you wish, for a comprehensive approach to wellness.  Most mental health diagnoses respond best to a holistic approach that treats body, mind, spirit, and soul.
bulletTrust, respect, willingness to grow, and a good relationship are critical in effective counseling. If you have questions or concerns, you should feel free to discuss these with your counselor.  Usually a minimum of 12 sessions are required to see substantial change. If you are not able to establish an effective healing relationship with your counselor after 6 sessions, another counselor should be considered.


One of the best indications that counseling may be needed is that you are considering it. Professional Counseling is a courageous step to take with great potential benefits. While our list is certainly not comprehensive enough to describe ALL indications when counseling may be needed, Professional Counseling is especially recommended and can be of enormous assistance in the following situations:

1. Recurrent Marital or Family strain if a current episode has lasted longer than 2 weeks.

2. Difficulty functioning in your job or performing normal everyday life tasks  that has lasted longer than 2 weeks.

2. Persistent relational difficulties that are causing you or others pain or distress in spite of your best efforts to resolve the issues.

3. An unusual amount of stress or change in the last few months.

4. Persistent feelings of sadness, unworthiness, despair, hopelessness, or weepiness that have lasted longer than 2 weeks. If this is accompanied by a change in your eating habits, sleep disorders, or difficulty getting started in the morning, a clinical depression may exist which requires professional treatment, in most cases, for improvement to occur.

5. Feelings of "wanting to die" with any intent to attempt suicide require immediate emergency room care along with with extensive follow-up counseling. This is also true of attempts or intent of violence to self or others.

6. Persistent internal feelings of anxiety or panic that are out of proportion to the circumstances and that causes discomfort to self or others .

7. Persistent Recurrent nightmares or difficulty sleeping.

8. Continuing parent/child problems or persistent reports of problem behaviors about your child from school or other officials.

9. Eating patterns that include Bingeing/purging, excessive exercise with extreme restriction of food intake, or excessive eating.

10. Any experience of events in the last few months that have involved any physical or emotional trauma including, but not limited to: assault, molestation, rape, robbery, man-made and natural disasters, death of loved ones, or loss of areas of your life that have been important to you such as health, job, home, etc.

11. Personal concerns or ANY expressed concerns of others about your alcohol or non-prescription drug usage.

12. Always seek immediate help if you are feeling unsafe for any reason


 Good News exists to promote the highest quality of professional counseling possible to those who wish an alternative in an increasingly secular world that often ignores spiritual dimensions. We encourage people to seek Christian Clinical Counseling from sources which provide comprehensive services to people of all religious persuasions and offer respect for the uniqueness of a personís belief systems. Many seek help from Christian Counselors because of  strong ethical beliefs and family values while seeking effectiveness and Holistic approaches to healing.


GOOD NEWS believes Counseling to be a confidential process based on a relationship of trust with your counselor that leads to learning and new growth. While dealing with emotional pain and life-coping problems, the goal of the counseling relationship is to move the person toward total healing and maximum realization of their own unique potential and individuality so that life may be lived more abundantly and true freedom realized. (Rom. 8:1-2; Gal. 5:1; John. 10:10) We believe that Christianity has something unique to offer in healing and that the counseling ministry of the Church Universal should be based upon the model Jesus gave us as Healer and "Wonderful Counselor" (Isaiah.). We believe that the Holy Spirit is the "Comforter" and "Mighty Counselor" described  by Jesus in the Gospel of John. We believe that Christian Counseling can offer unique resources for healing mental, emotional, and spiritual disorders and is frequently effective where other approaches have failed.

Resources For Locating Professional CHRISTIAN Counselors

While Good News does NOT endorse or recommend any particular agency, counselor, denomination or organization, access for resources that may help you in the process of choosing a counselor from a variety of professional Christian Counselors may be found by contacting the organizations listed below.  The final choice is yours!

 American Association Of Christian Counselors

American Association For Pastoral Counselors

Catholic Charities  (Phone in NH is 603-669-3030)

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